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Is there anything more refreshing than a chilled pitcher of some iced tea on a hot summer’s day? Possibly. Well, how about a chilled pitcher of some ice-cold PEACH ICED TEA on a hot summer’s day?? Now you’re talkin’! With the help of our good friend, Lirik, a bit of ingenuity, southern flair, and some good old-fashioned elbow grease, we whipped up this home-grown concoction known as… Peach Iced Tea G FUEL – Inspired by Lirik! As southerners would say – “She’s as pretty as a peach!”

• 40 servings in every tub
• Sugar-free
• 25 calories
• 0 grams of total fat
• Packed with Antioxidants from 19 fruits
• Vitamins B, C & E

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